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Mold Mix

Many Mold Allergy Symptoms are Caused by Exposure to Common Household Mold Spores

Most mold spores are airborne & enter our homes through open windows & doors. These spores can also be carried in on our persons & our pets. Once inside they have found the perfect environment to grow & reproduce. 

mold-spore4.jpg Our homes are kept at the temperatures mold likes to grow in. Another requirement for mold growth is humidity, which gets filtered through our homes from places like bathrooms, kitchens, & laundry rooms. If your home has any structural issues that cause excess or standing moisture to occur, chances are good you are living with mold. So many allergic reactions can be caused by mold spores!

Mold allergy symptoms are much the same as other common allergy symptoms

The body's immune system detects the spores & decides they are a threat. Once this happens the immune system creates a histamine response which causes inflammation, itching, watery eyes, runny nose, hives, & all the other fun things we get to have during allergy season. 

Hello allergies. Buh-by comfort.

Do you ever feel like you have a cold that never goes away? That could very well be allergies. You see, the problem with mold is that it can thrive in our homes year round. 

Preventing the cascade of symptoms before they start is what Allergy Immunotherapy can do for you.

While we can't prevent the mold from loving your home, we may be able to prevent it from interfering with your life. 

Immunotherapy is a way to train your immune system to deal with the threat in a way that doesn't overreact & cause an allergic response.

By introducing small amounts of the particles that cause your body's allergic response, immunotherapy allows your body to safely develop a healthy response to the allergens in the environment, thus reducing allergic reactions. 


Allergena can help you breathe easy again.

Hello comfort. Buh-by allergies.


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