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Creative Products and Services

meditrend.com Inc. was founded in Albuquerque New Mexico by Richard D. Savage in 1980. Mr. Savage has been an entrepreneurial pioneer in the discovery, development and distribution of innovative health solutions. "Our aim is to commercialize & distribute new, creative products and services that improve the quality of health. Our goal is to make health solutions available that are medically sound and economically viable." At the early onset of meditrend.com, Inc.'s creation, a professional line of nutritional products emerged under the name Progena Professional Formulations.
Over 150 Unique Formulas

Since 1984, Progena Professional Formulations has been developing and/or distributing nutritional formulations and homeopathic remedies for alternative and conventional health practitioners across the United States. Development of these formulations is based on scientific rationale that incorporates over 20 years of collaboration and expertise in nutritional medicine. Today, Progena distributes over 150 of its own unique formulas as well as formulas from a handful of other brands. These include:
  • Allergena
  • Progena
  • ProVitalethine
  • Wisdom of the Ages
  • DNA Formulas
  • TD Tropin

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