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Allergena Allergy Drops - made for where you live!


Affordable allergy relief without side-effects

Say goodbye to expensive shots, and over-the-counter allergy remedies that leave you feeling like you need to take a nap. Allergy drops have been getting a lot of attention from many reputable medical sources lately, and for good reason - they work!

How does Homeopathic Allergena Work?

Allergena uses a recognized treatment method known as sublingual immunotherapy.

  • "Sublingual" - Drops under the tongue
  • "Immunotherapy" - Uses the body's natural abilities to stimulate or restore a healthy immune system response to fight infection and disease, similar to  the way allergy shots work.
Your immune system defends you against disease. When the immune system detects harmful substances, like allergens, it creates antibodies to destroy or neutralize the invaders.
Allergena contains antigens, minute quantities of the pollen pests that cause your allergies. Regular use of Allergena allergy drops can help your immune system build antibodies against these antigens, providing relief from your allergy symptoms.

Natural Allergy relief for where you live!

Allergena is made for 9 different geographical zones in the U.S. This means the antigens in a bottle of Allergena for your zone are specific to the trees, weeds, and grasses that are causing you to suffer!

To Purchase or learn more about Allergena for the zone you live in, simply click on your state below!


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