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Allergena Antigens Count

Our Antigen Count... 

Progena Professional Formulations is consistently updating and maintaining the most effective formulations to help fight your allergies. As a result, our antigen count listed on the front panel of the Zone bottles, (i.e. Up to 100 Tree, Weed & Grass Extracts) may vary from time to time. Due to current research relating to cross-reactivity of pollen allergens, it has been discovered that several families of botanic proteins (certain grasses, trees and weeds) are cross-reactive. For example, one pollen antigen in the birch family is cross-reactive with a number of other birch species antigens. As such, not all birch species need to be included in the formula where in older formulas, multiple birch species would have been included. This is not true for every antigen in Allergena formulas, but it explains why a number of the antigens can be deemed redundant, removed from the formula and a new antigen count is than placed on the label.


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