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Product Warranties

Products are specifically formulated nutritional products derived from ingredients quality controlled for consistent potency and safety.

All products sold or distributed are manufactured and labeled in accordance with (cGMP) Current Good Manufacturing Guidelines established by the US Food and Drug Administration.

To obtain optimal benefit, please follow “Recommended Dosage and/or Directions for Use” found on each label or as directed by your healthcare professional.


GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms

Care is taken to procure non-GMO ingredients for use in our product formulations and homeopathic remedies. Raw materials are subject to cGMP rules which outline policies for receiving and verifying identity of raw materials from suppliers. Raw materials are received with a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety and Data Sheet. We specify only non-GMO derived ingredients from raw material suppliers. Every effort is made to ensure non-GMO ingredients are used in our formulations and homeopathic remedies. Raw material suppliers are aware, however, that crops harvested from one or more fields may be in proximity to another field that may have GMO status.


California Proposition 65 Requirements

To the best of our knowledge, as of May 24, 2013 none of the chemicals on the published list known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity are added to our products. Batch and random batch heavy metal testing is conducted on powdered and liquid formulations to evaluate naturally occurring levels of toxic substances such as lead, mercury and arsenic.


Product Complaints and Adverse Event Reporting

Any health related event associated with the use of a dietary supplement or homeopathic remedy sold, used or distributed by Meditrend should be reported to www.customercare@meditrend.com or customercare@progena.com to enable us to capture enough information to investigate the product complaint. A refund of the product purchase cost may be obtained upon return of the product accompanied by a purchase receipt as the remedy for such event. In the event you do not receive satisfactory resolution from customer support, by the purchase, use or distribution of our products you agree to third party mediation before initiating litigation.

In the event or a serious adverse event as defined by the Nonprescription Drug and Consumer Protection Act, a report will be filed with the US-FDA-MedWatch Form 3500.

Purchase, distribution or use of any Meditrend Brand product indicates that you have read and agree with these notices including the terms and conditions set forth herein. If you do not agree with any part of these notices, policies, terms and condition contained herein specifically the sections, “Product Disclaimer or Product Complaint and Adverse Event Reporting Notice”, please do not purchase, use or distribute our products.

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