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Mold Allergies


Mold allergies - and why Immunotherapy vs prescription drugs is the way to go!

Mold Allergies

Mold lives indoors and outdoors and we are exposed to it every day. Inhaling mold spores causes an allergic reaction in over 9.3 million people.

The beginning stages of mold allergies can feel like a simple cold or onset of seasonal allergies. Mainly, because mold acts as a mild irritant in low doses. Early symptoms can include itchy skin, sneezing, watery eyes and headaches.

When you have been exposed to mold for any length of time, the following conditions can develop; severe headaches, diarrhea and/or vomiting, weight and hair loss, fatigue, sinus infections and chronic bronchitis and skin rashes.

The 4 most common drugs prescribed for treating mold related issues are antidepressants, antibiotics, nasal corticosteroids and antifungal medication.

Neurological issues are commonly found in people suffering from mold sickness. It is also not uncommon for mold issues to compound after a natural disaster such a hurricane or flooding bringing on symptoms of PTSD and depression. Hence, antidepressants. But…studies have shown that antidepressants will do nothing to wipe out the toxins causing your psychological symptoms and they have been linked to several serious side effects.

Antibiotics are another course of action. Unfortunately, mold or fungal infections in the upper respiratory system can’t be stopped by antibiotics. It is now recognized that once mold enters the sinus cavity, especially in a weakened immune system, the mold only flourishes because of the damp, dark space, making it virtually impossible to eliminate.

Overall, antifungal drugs are quite toxic, especially to your liver. The fungal cell membranes are very similar to your body’s cell membranes and when the antifungal drugs attack the fungal membranes they often damage our body’s cell membranes as well.

Nasal steroids are great for short term relief but are they really helping? Steroids will temporarily decrease sinus swelling making you feel better but the overall affect is a suppressed immune system. When your immune system is down any virus or bacteria will spread like a wild flower. Just read the patient information sheet and what it has to say about a suppressed immune system!

In their quest for a natural remedy Allergena has developed the Immunotherapy, Mold Mix. Immunotherapy is a way to train your immune system to deal with the threat in a way that doesn't overreact & cause an allergic response. Mold Mix will not compromise your immune system.

Start Getting Control of Your Mold Allergies today!

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