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What is hypothyroidism?

Your Thyroid - What is hypothyroidism? First, do you know what your thyroid does or looks like? Your thyroid produces a hormone that travels through your  blood to all parts of your body. It is shaped like a small butterfly and sits just below your Adam’s apple at the base of your neck. Your thyroid [...]

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Salt Alternatives and Potassium

Salt alternatives and potassium – in a pinch. If you are trying to cut back on your sodium intake you don’t have to toss out the salt shaker. Research has shown that salt alternatives may be the answer. They have been shown to stop death from heart disease and reduce blood pressure. [...]

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Go Green or Go Home!

Go green or go home – top leafy greens for over-all better health. Face it, greens are good for you. They are packed with a variety of minerals, vitamins, promoting beneficial compounds and are high in fiber and low in calories. So, if you truly want overall better health I would suggest you [...]

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Antioxidants – what are they? Every day the cells in our body are flooded with oxygen. Though oxygen is extremely important for our body’s health, exposure to oxygen isn’t. Oxygen causes oxidation. During oxidation our body’s chemicals change and form free radicals. Free radicals are also created when we come in contact with environmental factors [...]

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Perfume Allergies

Perfume Allergies – that darn nose again. You walk into a room and catch a whiff of something pleasant but then your eyes begin to itch, your head starts to ache and your breathing becomes shallow. Guess what? One or more of the chemicals in the perfume is triggering an allergic reaction. Which [...]

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Mold Allergies

Mold - it’s everywhere and it’s dangerous to our health! If you have damp places in your home than you have mold. Living organisms that stain and discolor paint, counter tops, tiles, clothes, carpets you name it. Those hundreds of thousands of types of mold will leave your home smelling musty and swampy. Leaky pipes, overflowing bathtubs and drains, your [...]

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Menopause - Don’t short change “the change” Menopause also known as "the change" happens to around 6,000 women every day. There are many common factors that we know and also a lot of misinformation. Let’s talk about the facts and the myths. How fast does menopause happen? Unless you have had your ovaries surgically removed, menopause [...]

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Fall Seasonal Allergies

It’s fall. The weather is cooler, the air fresher and the sky bluer but you feel miserable thanks to ragweed and mold. But is it just these seasonal allergens triggering your runny nose and itchy eyes? Here are a few other lesser known facts about fall allergies and what you can do [...]

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Health Concerns for Women

Health Concerns for Women – here’s to a long and healthy life. These days a woman’s plate is not just full but over flowing to the point of being unhealthy. We raise kids, manage carpools, fix dinners, do laundry, attend school meetings, drive all over town to doctor appointments and still hold down a full [...]

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Children’s Allergies

Children’s allergies – Mom to the Rescue Children are susceptible to all sorts of allergies. They are under attack from inside and outside. Tree and grass pollens, insects that sting or bite, foods they eat and or irritants which can inflame the skin are all to blame. Our children have symptoms of [...]

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